Rachel is a creative and commercial minded student living in Wellington, New Zealand.

Hello there, i'm Rachel Mataira. 

I am currently a student at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. I’m completing a double degree of Design and Commerce and quadruple majoring (lol) in Media Design, Accounting, Tax and Finance. 

Leaving school I thought I could never get my two interests of Design and Business to align, but decided to give it a go and have never looked back. 

I have a passion for innovation and thinking entrepreneurially and am consistently trying to find ways to explore this. I am working on a mobile application at the moment called Billie. Billie is a micro-services matcher it connects freelance labour with local demand. Billie lets customers find immediate help with everyday tasks.

Whatever I do in the long term I need to ensure I am creating a world which promotes intergenerational equity. I care deeply about the environment and want to influence people to care too. 

I believe in hard work, playing to your strengths and following your gut.